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Optimise your greenhouse climate control with new possibilities

By: Joost Veenman

Every grower wants to get the best possible results from their crop whilst using the least energy and resources possible. As business owners, keeping an eye on the bottom line is vital for growers to operate a successful, cash-positive business. Yet there are persistent challenges that cause problematic yields, including rising natural gas prices, water scarcity, and unpredictable, extreme weather becoming more frequent.

A controlled greenhouse environment allows crops to grow and thrive with minimal use of water and fertilizers, no matter the external weather conditions. This article covers the new features to fine-tune your greenhouse climate, with data-driven, plant-centred climate control. With the help of cutting-edge technology, greenhouse climate control solutions help farmers and growers optimize their greenhouse climate to become more efficient, and more sustainable, through intelligent process automation.

Efficient energy use with greenhouse optimization

Understanding the relationship between the climate and your crop is the key to a healthy and profitable yield. Balancing plant needs along with running costs is necessary at every step of the process. Growing at scale while maintaining full awareness of what is happening to your crops is a demanding task. This has become even more challenging with recent extremely high natural gas and fertilizer prices. This cost consideration has created a pressing need for farmers to lower natural gas consumption, and understand how to balance irrigation, temperature and humidity without risking crop production losses, or plant diseases like fungi or physiological damage. 

With Ridder’s greenhouse climate control solutions you can future-proof your crop. The synergy as a result of combined automated climate and irrigation control gives growers new possibilities to use their resources wisely and cost effectively, with smart controls that provide maximum and prioritizing plant health.

The best climate for your crops with smart use of resources

Intelligent greenhouse climate and irrigation control is the beating heart of any greenhouse setup. Ridder climate computers and software are specifically designed to help you manage energy, water and other scarce resources, so you can cultivate crops with maximum efficiency.

In the physiological process of growing a crop, multiple factors are interconnected with each other in a multidimensional process. The relations between factors such as energy (light, heat) and water (irrigation, nutrient uptake, evaporation etc) are essential. Therefore, Ridder’s automated solutions are designed from a crop-centric approach, which facilitate a smart connective solution between both the irrigation and climate controls.

In this way all essential plant control metrics relate to each other, which facilitates to create an optimum growing strategy based upon accurate insight and control over the complete physiology of the crop. This allows you to consider the effect of your strategy from a 360-degree perspective. Next to this, each element of the greenhouse climate can be managed with advanced control options that make greenhouse growing easily manageable and cost effective.

For example, it is possible to eliminate ineffective use of CO2 with smart algorithms optimizing the cost and benefit of applying liquid CO2 to stimulate photosynthesis and fully automate CO2 dosing based on what is necessary for healthy crops. Leading technological developments, with new features such as automated Daily Light Integral (DLI) control which can give growers the ability to reach the right amount of light using maximum amount of sunlight and minimizing input of lamps whilst reaching the right DLI sum every day.

Efficient set-up of climate settings

Growers can choose to use the most basic climate control settings to automate day-to-day processes, or, new Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments that offer advanced climate computer settings. These help achieve personal growing goals within a desired timeframe and can be a powerful tool to monitor and get maximum results from a specific crop.
With AI technology, growers are in complete control of every aspect of the growing process, with insights and analysis that helps you understand the needs of your plant.

Ridder’s climate control solutions put the power in grower’s hands with a unique user interface that offers a comprehensive customer summary, giving you everything you need to know about your greenhouse all in one easy-to-use data dashboard. Our unique, advanced data visualization provides an all-in-one overview of your greenhouse activity and understand how different factors can inform your climate and growing strategy.

Full service support to future-proof your crops

Improving growing conditions with smart climate control can significantly improve crop yield and reduce energy use. With Ridder, growers can request full-service support to setup and system support for their climate computer.

Discuss your specific situation with our process automation and climate experts. You can expect advice on how to get the best greenhouse climate control and how a climate computer can help you do this. Request a greenhouse climate computer quick scan today.

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