The reason why people choose Ridder water treatment systems

By: Jerre de Blok

Water treatment in greenhouses requires appropriate automated systems. But what do you choose? This article explains why Ridder's solutions are the best choice for optimal and reliable management of water flows.

Water is an indispensable element in horticulture. After all, plants need it every day. But high-quality irrigation water is also becoming increasingly scarce. To ensure that the plants in the greenhouse always receive the right amount of water and fertilizers and in an efficient way, automated systems are a must. The wide range of water treatment systems on the market does not make the choice any easier for you as a grower. 

That said, there are five important reasons why choosing the water treatment systems from Ridder could be your best option:

1. Fertigation controls

One of the most important processes in a greenhouse is the dosing of water and fertilizers. The right mix determines the production and quality of the crop and therefore also the profitability of the company. Reliability is therefore essential. Even though fertigation units are offered by numerous parties, Ridder distinguishes itself through its controls. The fertigation controls are integrated in the various Ridder climate computers and excel in user-friendliness and reliability. As a result, even installation companies that build their own fertigation units, choose to equip them with Ridder's controls. The Ridder FertiMiX, however, combines the water unit and its controls in one solution for the perfect balance between water and nutrition.

2. Reliable UV disinfection

UV disinfection is the most commonly used way of disinfecting drain water in Europe. As reliability is key when it comes to water disinfection, it is essential that you select your equipment carefully. With the Ridder VitaLite, the required UV dose is always guaranteed. This is because the water flow is automatically corrected based on the UV intensity measured by the UV sensor. This relation has been validated extensively to ensure the expected elimination of micro-organisms. Thanks to the unique design, the water flow is affected in such a way that all micro-organisms receive the same UV dose. This results in effective disinfection at a higher flow.


3. Irrigation specials

Ridder distinguishes itself in the market with special solutions in the field of irrigation. For example, Ridder FertiFill automates and registers the use of liquid fertilizers for filling your A&B fertilizer tanks. This gives you as a grower, full control over your multitude of fertilizer recipes. In turn, the Ridder ProDrain allows you to start irrigation based on the actual need of the crop 24/7. It measures the weight of the gutter with substrate, the weight of the crop and the amounts of irrigation and drainage water. This makes it possible to determine the undersaturation level of the substrate, but also the water uptake, evaporation, and crop growth. With these special products, Ridder makes complex processes practical.
Ridder Water Treatment Unit

4. Drain water specials

Ridder has also developed various special products for dealing with drain water in your greenhouse in a smarter way. The Ridder NoNa+ reduces the sodium content in the recirculation water. The revolutionary aspect of this innovation is that sodium is selectively removed from the drain water. Polyvalent fertilizers, such as calcium, magnesium, sulphate, and phosphate, remain reusable. In addition, the Ridder CleanLite can be used to remove pesticide residues from the discharge water. It’s a purification method that effectively combines UV radiation and hydrogen peroxide. A compact, complete, and affordable solution.

5. Broad portfolio

Last but not least, knowing that Ridder has more to offer than just water treatment systems, makes the company all the more interesting as a partner. From drive systems and climate computers to screens and water units, Ridder has it all. This means you can go to one company for everything you need in a greenhouse. And because Ridder has in-house knowledge and experience in all these areas, the various solutions can be perfectly adjusted to each other. One-stop-shop at its best!

Ridder Water Treatment Portfolio

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