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Save energy and create a more consistent growing climate in your greenhouse - Ridder Climate Screens

By: Johan van Erven

Consistent growing conditions are often considered one of the most important factors influencing crop quality. But the balance between creating more consistent growing conditions in the greenhouse and implementing solutions that are cost effective can be tricky. Not only that, but it is also common for cost-saving solutions to cut corners making them unreliable or inconsistent depending on the weather conditions beyond the greenhouse.

So, when considering saving energy or providing your crop with the most consistent growing conditions, which should you choose?

Save energy or create a consistent growing climate?

When it comes to greenhouse production, significant energy investments are often required to create a consistent growing climate. While costly, investing in energy to provide the most ideal growing conditions can help crops get closer to achieving their full yield potential. When weighing the cost of energy to the resulting improvements in crop yield, the benefits often make the investment a no-brainer. But what if there were a way to save energy (and therefore energy costs) without compromising the growing climate in your greenhouse? Enter energy saving climate screens. With energy saving climate screens, you don’t have to choose between the two.

Do both with climate screens

Imagine a climate screen that can maximize incoming light, while helping to minimize heat loss. Now imagine that it also results in your crop thriving and your energy bill decreasing. Installing Ridder climate screens can make this vision a reality. These energy saving climate screens are a cost-effective solution to help your crop meet its yield potential while saving energy.

Energy saving climate screens are particularly great for crops that require extensive heating. These screens can save energy costs by up to 47%. They do this by providing moisture-regulating properties and minimizing heat loss without altering the amount of light coming into the greenhouse. The qualities of the energy saving climate screens allow for the screen to provide different benefits during the day than at night. In the daytime, the screens let the most light possible in and help diffuse the light to provide a more consistent light environment within the greenhouse. At night, the energy saving climate screens really shine in preventing heat loss, therefore reducing energy costs.


Ridder climate screens

When it comes to saving energy and creating a more consistent growing environment, the solution is not one size fits all but our climate screen experts can provide valuable information on solutions that will work for your greenhouse. To learn more about Ridder climate screens and find out which solutions may be right for you, request a 1-on-1 consultation with a climate screen expert at Ridder.

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